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Barney Bar 
Barney is a fully autonomous robotic bar that serves cocktails, soft drinks, mocktails, beer and prosecco in a very efficient and entertaining way.

About Barney

Barney is revolutionizing the convenient drink market. Offering a completely autonomous robot bar run by a safe collaborative robot, Barney is setting a new standard for easy 24/7 gastronomy. Barney is deployed worldwide and is continuously launching improved robotic bar products for hotels, bars, casinos, cruise ships, tourist venues and other high-frequency locations. Barney is a product of F&P Robotics in Zurich.

About Baronics

Product Highlights



Less than 7.5  square meters

Product Highlights

User Interface

You can order your drink through an intuitive touch pad on Barney. You can also customize your drink to match your exact taste. The interface and available drinks can be adapted to the venue, event and season. Arrange the drinks to showcase specials, change language on demand and show off your craziest drink creations.  

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Watch Barney Bar mix a cocktail


News and Events


Barney Bar 

Robot Bars to help tackle Covid-crisis in hospitality industry?

Meet The Team


Barney is a product of F&P Robotics AG and is revolutionizing the convenient drink market! The robot bar is setting a new standard for easy 24/7 hospitality by offering a completely autonomous bar run by a safe collaborative robot. 

F&P Robotics AG is a leader in collaborative, care, hospitality and R&D robotics. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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F&P Robotics AG

Rohrstrasse 36

8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland

T +41 44 515 95 20

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