• Swiss made collaborative robot arm

  • Covered in soft artificial leather

  • Safe, no glass protection needed

  • 3 screens and powerful speakers

  • Barney talks, play music and shows videos

  • Shows drink queue and current tasks

  • Informs guests about specials

Human friendly Robot

  • Order and customize your drink

  • Pay digitally with credit car, debit card or other digital payments

Order and payment station

  • Serves delicious Cocktails, Softdrinks and Beer

  • Mix and Match as you please 


  • Customizable design

  • Adapt Barney to your environment


Entertainment & Information


Barney is a fully autonomous robotic bar that serves cocktails, soft drinks, mocktails, beer and prosecco in a very efficient and entertaining way. Barney can run a bar by himself or work together with a human Barkeeper. Barney is an attraction and is sure to draw a crowd. Barney is a complete Plug&Play solution. Engineered in Switzerland. 

Plug & Play

Integrated dispensing system, ice machine, cooler, screens, order pad, wifi, many sensors

Full Autonomy

24/7 performance 


Large Drink Variety

Serves Cocktails, Beer, Prosecco and Softdrinks of your choosing


Customizable Design

small_200116_berg_front 2 copy.png
200116_welle_front 1_1.png

Fit Barney to your venue 

How it works?

Choose drinks

barney icons how it works-1.png

Customize it

barney icons how it works-2.png


barney icons how it works-3.png


barney icons how it works-4.png

Barney Bar mixes a cocktail