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Since the end of December 2020, Barney has been serving drinks at Oman's most visited mall center.

Our Robot Bar Barney has been serving soft drinks and juices at Oman's most visited mall center since the end of December. The bar was implemented in Al-Araimi Boulevard mall in the Capital of Muscat. The Boulevard is located in the up and coming Al Khoud area of Muscat, a stunning destination that allows one to explore new vistas of entertainment in the Sultanate.

Our customer is Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ghatrifi, the owner of the Brain Robot franchise. Through this franchise he is planning to expand and purchase more bars in Oman.

F&P Robotics proudly presented Barney in this exceptional environment. Barney is offering a completely autonomous, 24/7 service with a wide range of drinks. It is currently running the bar by itself but is also able to work together with a human bartender. Barney is an attraction and is sure to draw a crowd.

30 December 2020

From June 6th, our barista bar robot will be at the Verkehrshaus Luzern

There we go! Our Barista Robot Bar will soon be working at the Switzerland’s most visited museum, Verkehrshaus Luzern, from 6th June, which is showcasing currently the past, present and future of mobility with interactive and varied exhibits. Come and have a drink from the Barista Robot Bar at the main entrance of the museum.

06 June 2020

Robot Bars to help tackle Covid-crisis in hospitality industry?


 Baronics has developed bar robotic solution that offering a "human touchless" drink at the highest quality. And the best is, it is available now and works very well!

20 February 2020

Barney Barista Bar
in HIP2020


From 24-26 February, Barney Barista Bar will be presented at HIP - the leading event of innovation and trends for the HORECA sector. We are looking forward to meet you at Stand: 14.1E508 to reformulate the future of horeca sector.

20 February 2020

Barney Barista Robot


Barney Barista Robot, fully integrated and autonomous Robot System based on the proven Barney technical platform:

• New bar design to reflect coffee focus
• Besides coffee, ability to dispense soft drinks and juices
• Highest quality Coffee machine with Barista quality products

05 December 2019

P-Rob Plays Kung-Fu with Jackie Chan


28th Golden Rooster Awards. The most famous super star Jack Chan is playing KungFu with our P-Rob.

23 November 2019

Barney recognises super stars


Barney is serving drinks at the one of the top event in Asia Golden Rooster Awards, check out how Barney recognises the super stars.

23 November 2019

Barney Barista Robotic Bar and Yoordi order system in collaboration

Baronics AG presents at IGEHO Basel seamless integration between its Barney Barista Robotic Bar and order system in collaboration with Gehrig Group.

30 September2019

Barney Cocktail Bar is ready for the world leading trade fair-Host Milano 2019 


Host Milano 2019 from 18 October till 22 October, where hospitality meets business and innovation. Host is the world leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality. 

30 September2019

F&P Robotics introduces the barista of the future

The Barney solution from F&P Robotics has combined entertainment, efficiency, and automation in the bar industry and has potential to do the same in coffee Pascal Schlittler, Founder of investment platform MyCoffeeWorld.

August 2019

Nimmt Bar-Robot Barney Arbeitsplätze weg?

Am Bildschirm bestellen, bezahlen und zuschauen, wie der Drink ohne Menschliche Hände zubereitet wird-manche Gäste sind begetstert, andere schutteln den Kopf.....

23 August 2019

Barney Cocktail Bar in Hotel Interlaken

Visit Barney Cocktail Bar on his first job in a Swiss Hotel and enjoy a robotic drink! Located on the charming terasse of the Hotel Interlaken in the heart of the city, Barney the bar robot will serve delicious drinks during summer season, starting August 1st. A blend of historic with modern touches, the ambience of the over 600 years old hotel is very cosy, making the Bar an ideal place to have a great time and be entertained by Barney. We are looking forward to your visit! Cheers!

01 August 2019

Barney - Electronic Payment Barney Drinks

Barney orders payment now enabled electronically, which is applicable to various electronic payment methods. 

10 July 2019

Barney -Bündner Touris­mus­branche bildet sich in Laax weiter

Was will der Gast heute und was wird er morgen wollen? Diese Fragen standen im Zentrum des ersten Graubünden Tourismustags in Laax.....

24 May 2019

Barney - ein Roboter schmeisst die Bar

Letzte Woche durfte ich den Pre-Launch Event von Barney dem Barkeeper besuchen....

14 May 2019